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Reading Through the Bible, April 23. 1 Chronicles 29 – 2 Chronicles 3

Chronicles presents a much more orderly transfer of power from David to Solomon than does Kings, but that is to highlight the grandeur of David’s leadership.  The temple is not Solomon’s temple, for he is too young and inexperienced to do it on his own.  He will need help.  And David calls on all of Israel to be that help.

David sets the example in helping Solomon by giving not just huge gifts, but all his resources – including his personal treasures.  This emboldened the other leaders in Israel to be likewise generous, and their generosity caused the rest of Israel to give.

The work of the Kingdom of God takes the efforts and sacrifices of everyone – not just a handful, or the leaders, or the most faithful.  Everyone is called to participate and serve.  One writer has observed that people are closest to being like God when they are willing to give of themselves to Him.  And the more like Him they become, the more capable they are of rejoicing.

The passage before us teaches that a man’s relationship with God is, above all, seen in joy and wholehearted devotion that rejects selfishness and generously gives.  You will see this repeatedly as the temple is built and dedicated.  We should see it in our own lives today.