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Reading Through the Bible, Friday, June 24. Psalms 93 – 95

    “The Lord reigns!”  The phrase resounds repeatedly from Psalm 93 to 99 and repeatedly it is an assurance that our world is not left to its own devices.  Our circumstances are not out of control.  Everything is under God’s.

    We may not understand all God has going on.  We may not see his plan.  Some things may not be a part of His plan at all.  But make no mistake, our lives are not random.  God has everything in hand.

    I love to watch old western shows, and often there is the scene with the runaway wagon.  The hero flies on his mighty steed to the rescue, takes hold of the reigns, and brings horse and wagon under control.  Sometimes, that’s my picture of God.  The wagon seems out of control, but God is nearby and will direct everything to a peaceful end.

    Notice the end of Psalm 93: “Your statutes stand firm.”  God has built order into our world.  It does get out of order sometimes, but most often, it is because we have not paid attention to the orderliness God intended.