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Reading Through the Bible, Friday, June 3. Psalms 24-26

    Who may dwell in God’s house?  Who may ascend and live on His holy hill?  Who may stand in God’s holy place?

    These are the questions of Psalm 15 and 24, and each provides for us a summary of God’s law.  Bottom line, what is important to God?

    Let’s be careful not to misunderstand.  These texts do not tell us how to become one of God’s people.  That is an entirely different subject.  These psalms, written to and for ancient Israel only address Israel.  No one else had a shot at dwelling in God’s presence.  But to the people of God, the Psalmist says that just being one of God’s people will not guarantee fellowship with God.  Behavior is important.

    While being a Christian gives us the right to call God our Father (because we have been born again by His power), it does not guarantee fellowship with Him.  As a child may be disinherited, yet remain a son or daughter, so Christians can suffer the same fate if they do not pursue living up to their calling.