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Reading Through the Bible, June 21. Psalms 84-86

    Psalm 84 begins with a litany of designations for God.  He is the Almighty.  No one and no thing is as powerful as He is.  He is the Lord, the god who makes agreements with His people and therefore the God of Jacob.  He is the living God – not one of the imagination or represented by an earthly image.  He is my God.

    When was the last time you heard someone say: “I can’t wait to go to worship.  In fact, I’m like a thirsty pilgrim crawling across desert sand headed for worship.  I hope I can hold out ‘till Sunday.”

    Chances are, you’ve never heard anyone say that.  But the psalmist says it here: “My soul yearns, even faints for the courts of the Lord.”  Why can’t he find God where he is, rather than thirsting for worship in the temple?  Because part of our relationship with God, the nourishing refreshing part, is found only in the company of like pilgrims.  I find it interesting that the psalmist, anticipating the presence of God among His people, is able to totally ignore his circumstances, focusing solely on that day of meeting with the Lord.  Even travel through the Beca valley, a hot, still, frying pan of a desert becomes a place of springs and pools when the desire to worship God with His people is paramount.

    Is this the way you feel about worship?

By the way, Psalm 84 has been set to music by the Russian composer Konstantin Zhigulin.  You can learn more about him by going to  He has graciously granted me permission to allow you to hear the first verse of his rendition of Psalm 84.  The hymn is entitled “My God and King.”  Go here to listen: