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Reading Through the Bible, Monday, July 11. Psalm 150 – Proverbs 2

    It is interesting that each of the five books of Psalms end with the same idea: “Praise the Lord” (see.  psalm 41:13-14; 72:18-19; 89:52; 106:48).  The final psalm ending the final book of psalms is devoted in its entirety to praise.

    God is to be praised everywhere (vs.  1) because He is great (vs.  2).  He is to be praised with everything we have (vss.  3-5), and by everything that has breath (vs.  6).

    Notice that with this Psalm, God is not praise because he has done something special for us.  Had God never done one thing for us, He would still be deserving of praise because He is, quite simply, in and of Himself, great, and at the end of the Bible, creatures in heaven and on earth fall before the throne of God and give Him praise.  The more we know about God, the closer we get to Him, the more worship is all we want to do, all we can do.