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Reading Through the Bible, Monday, June 27. Psalms 104-106

    In at least the New International Version, the proper name for the God of Israel (as opposed to “god” in general or the gods of other peoples) is translated Lord (a combination of large and smaller capitals).  The reader is supposed to pick up on this.

    Psalm 104 is a call to worship Israel’s God, a reminder to the Psalmist and to the reader that they should do this.

    The Lord should be worshiped because He is great, evidenced by His creation.  Some Christians have bought into the notion that when it comes to the matter of origins, one may legitimately believe our world and life within it came about as a result of chance, a matter of random unguided events.  But this isn’t true.  While Christians are under no obligation to believe what the Bible doesn’t say (it doesn’t say, for example, that the world is only 5000 years old, or give the age of the earth at all), Christians are under obligation to believe that God did create the heavens and the earth – and they would not be here otherwise.

    Verses 1-9 call to mind the greatness of creation.  Verses 10-23, in more detail, demonstrate how God provided for the good of His creation.  Verses 24-33 remind us that because God created all things, we are dependent on Him.  Then we end with a call to worship the Lord.

    Because of creation, our God is worthy of praise.