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Reading Through the Bible, Monday, Memorial Day, September 5. Ezekiel 10-12

    The images described by Ezekiel are difficult to get your mind around: wheels that intersect and move the chariot of God in any direction without turning for example (10:9ff).  We are supposed to try and imagine them, to see their magnificence, but we will find it futile and exhausting.


    Because Ezekiel is trying to write about being in the presence of God in the temple, and writing about the presence of God is at once magnificent – and awesome.  There are two points you shouldn’t miss: First, with these images, God’s movement is being described.  The Lord moves from the temple to the door of the temple (10:4).  Then He moves to the entrance of the East gate.  Finally, He moves from the city to the mountain east of the city (11:23).  The whole scene is that of God slowly leaving the place of His long presence.

    Second, keep in mind the message of God: The Babylonians have taken captive much of Judah, and the captives believe they have been abandoned by God.  The real faithful, they believe, are those left behind.  And those left behind believe it too.  God, however, is saying that those left behind have been abandoned by Him.

    Just because things seem to be going your way is no real sign of God’s blessing.  Blessing comes to the obedient, but it is not always a sign of God’s approval.