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Reading Through the Bible, Saturday, July 16. Proverbs 15-18

    Have you ever known someone who couldn’t make a good decision?

    But it never dawned on them that the problem was with them?

    Most folks who continually have things go bad for them see it as simply “everything is against me” or as having a “spot of bad luck.”  And sometimes, circumstances happen where misfortune just builds, one event on another.  A family member becomes ill, medical bills mount, the car won’t start.  All may simply be random events that just happen to be bad.

    But when the world becomes crushing, it is a useful exercise to ask whether some misfortunes are simply the result of poor decision making, or poor planning.  At least seven of the proverbs in chapter 15 relate to this.  Foolish (vs.  5) are those who believe they know it all and won’t listen to advice.  Doomed (vs.  10) are those who refuse correction.  Foolish (vs.  12,14) are those who will not seek the counsel of the wise; they are doomed to failure (vs.  22).

    If you can’t think of anyone who knows better how to live than yourself, you’re keeping the wrong kind of company.