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Reading Through the Bible, Saturday, June 18. Psalms 73 – 76

    Psalm 73 tells of the faithful’s struggle with unfairness.

    If your view is that evil always fails, and good always triumphs, life is bound to throw you a curve.  It doesn’t work out that way.

    Yes, in the end, God’s justice assures that it will, but it’s the dark path we walk in the present that shakes us up.  Good always winning is not what we see.  And sometimes, you just tire of losing.  That’s the case with this psalmist.

    He knows the truths: God is good to those who are pure in heart.

    But he also knows wicked people who have no struggles and boldly assert they are beyond the touch of God.  And the DO seem to be!  They are always carefree, increasing in wealth.

    As the writer comes close to losing his faith, he stops to worship the Lord (vs.  17), and in worship, his vision moved beyond the horizon to see as God sees.  The wicked only seem to be prospering.  They have no security, no guidance, and no hope and as well off as they seem to be, it is but temporary.

    Life hasn’t changed much has it?

    And neither has the timeless truth of this psalm.

    Many things happen in worship, but one of the things that is supposed to happen is that God’s perspective is revealed, and that’s one reason the worship assembly is indispensable to a holy life.