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Reading Through the Bible, Saturday, May 21. Job 23-26

    “God answers prayer one of three ways: He says ‘yes.’  ‘No.’ Or ‘not now.’”

    Have you ever heard that simple explanation?

    It sounds good, but like most of the speeches we’ve seen thus far, it’s not quite right.

    Sometimes, God doesn’t answer at all.  At least it feels that way.  And if he delays reply for a lengthy period of time, it might as well be that way.

    Job knows it.

    And yet, Job continues to take his case to God.  Even though he feels his words are not being heard, he persists.  And he believes that one day, the truth will come out and though he is being brutally maligned by his friends, his hope is in the Lord.

    This is faith, a much more valuable commodity than patience.