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Reading Through the Bible, Sunday, June 12. Psalms 54-57

    We’re not quite sure who the Ziphites were, but they were likely Israelites of Judah living just east of the middle of the Dead Sea – in other words, relatives of David.  David is running for his life, trying to escape the murderous hand of Saul.  He hides in the land of the Ziphites, and they betray him to Saul.  As David once again flees, he writes this prayer.

    We would call this a “disorientation” Psalm, because David’s world has fallen apart.  Based on past deliverances, David believes God will get him through this bad spot too, but he takes his prayer to God anyway.

    God knows what we need before we ask.  So why ask?

    Because asking voices dependence, which is another word for faith, the most important element in our relationship with God.  Take note of the times God has helped you.  Remember them.  They will give you increasing confidence to approach Him again and again.  Then, approach him continually.  God wants you always to depend on Him, and Him alone.