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Reading Through the Bible, Thursday, December 29. Revelation 22


    Are you feeling a sigh of relief?

    Two relatives told me recently: “I’m a few days behind, but I am going to make them up and complete this reading.”

    I’m confident they will.  There’s nothing like the feeling of completion – especially when that completion is accompanied by knowing you’ve read God’s word all the way through.


    I find it interesting that in these last chapters, John is so overcome with emotion that he falls down and worships at the feet of the angel who brings him the Revelation.  In fact, he does it twice, and both times, the angel rebukes him.

    It’s really our problem too isn’t it?

    We lean away from God when we begin to worship something other than God.  Sometimes, what we choose to worship is even religious – perhaps “Christian” – in nature.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, should get in our way of bringing glory, honor, and praise to God every day of our life.  In our private thoughts, in our words to others, in our demeanor, in our ethics – all should be done with the goal of bringing the Lord glory, honor, and praise.  And when we are tempted to neglect, or do otherwise, let us hear the angel of the Lord say: “Do not do it.  Worship God!”