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Reading Through the Bible, Thursday, July 14. Proverbs 9-11

    For all the talk in Proverbs about the wayward woman, you might almost think that the writer had something against women.  But before you go that far, note that wisdom, that which is to be valued above all things, is most often described in this book as a woman.

    In Proverbs 9, there are two women: Wisdom and Folly.  Both are equally available to the wise and foolish (also called the “simple” and the “mocker”).  What makes a person wise or foolish is not a momentary lapse in judgment or a single indiscretion, but a way of life.  The wise person is the one who is not only able to look at the course of his life, but DOES look at it and sees the direction it is taking.  He recognizes when the way is wise and when it is foolish and if foolish, he changes course.  Foolish people can often be characterized by their inability to recognize that some people do better at living than they do, and their unwillingness to take the advice of those people when offered.  Wise people recognize wisdom when they hear it and see it, and take that road less traveled.

    The person who always has an answer is the person who is seldom listening.