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Reading Through the Bible, Thursday, June 16. Psalms 67-69

    God has not asked us to take Him to the “ends of the earth.”  God is already there.  What he has asked us to do is introduce him to those who do not know Him everywhere we go.  As Christians, it is our job.

    Psalm 67 is an evangelist’s psalm – which is to say it should be every Christian’s psalm.  He prays that God bless him so that God’s ways and salvation might be known everywhere.  It’s not just that he wants to make God known.  He wants those who come to know Him also come to praise God, be glad and sing for joy as they submit to God’s guidance.

    The psalm has three parts.  First, he prays for success in his evangelistic mission (vss.  1-2).  Second, he specifies the success he desires (vss.  3-5).  Finally, he trusts that if God gives him success in his mission, that God will also bless him materially and with peace because “all the ends of the earth fear [the Lord].

    Christians should understand that any change they effect in the world without bringing people to God will be short-lived.  The only way to bring lasting change and peace is through evangelism.

    Do you find it strange this message should be found in the Psalms?  Don’t.  It’s not an unknown theme in the Old Testament, and not the only time you will see it in the Psalter.