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Reading Through the Bible, Thursday, June 30. Psalms 113-115.

    Psalm 113 is a call to praise God, and if that were all, it would be enough.  But the psalm is more than that.  It reveals to us the concerns of God, part of His value system, and finding reason for rejoicing there, it calls on us to imitate God.

    God does not approve of people who can do better feeding off their neighbors.  God does not countenance letting justice slide because a criminal is poor or otherwise disadvantaged.  But on the other hand, God has a special regard for those who cannot help themselves.

    God’s great position is presented in the first five verses but in verse 6 there is a change.  This great God “stoops down” to look at the heavens and the earth.  And of all He could notice, what he does notice are the poor and needy, and those anguished of heart.

    The old saying, “God helps those who help themselves” is wrong.  He helps those who cannot help themselves.  So should all who call on His name and praise the Lord.