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Reading Through the Bible, Tuesday, June 28. Psalms 107-109

    One over-arching theme exists in Psalm 107: God’s love is unfailing.

    He does however, have a peculiar way of showing it – at least according to modern thinking.

    We expect a loving God to come to our aid when we need it, and verses 1-9 indicate that God does that.  The problem comes with the rest of the Psalm for there, God is not just the rescuer from misery, but the cause of misery.

    He sends punishment on those who rebel against Him (vss.  10-16), but he rescues when they return to Him.  He sends misery on others who do not keep His ways, but he brings relief when they cry unto Him (vss.  17-22).  He sends peril on those who forget Him in search of material wealth, but rescues them when they come to their senses (vss.  23-31).  God disciplines (vss.  32-34) and then blesses (vss.  35-36), a training that is as persistent as His unfailing love (vss.  37-42).  Wise people will take note of the Lord’s ways, and live their lives accordingly.