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Reading Through the Bible, Wednesday, July 20. Proverbs 29-31

    Proverbs 29 speaks in many ways to those who are in positions of leadership.  Leaders should seek to do the right thing, and have it done.  Surely the only reason for not going in this direction would be if the matter is self-serving.  Solomon says, when the leaders seek to serve themselves, the very thing over which they rule will come apart (vs.  4).

    When a ruler become someone who listens only to what he wants to hear, rather than the truth, his administration will be corrupt (vs.  7).

    The security of leadership is tied directly to the leader’s concern for those who are least able to help themselves (vs.  14).

    No matter how good leadership is, it can never take the place of God’s sovereignty (vs.  26).

    Respect for God, concern for the weak, a devotion to honesty and integrity.  These are what make a leader worth having, and a prize to the organization.