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Saturday, April 20. Psalms 24 – 27

Psalms 26 – 28 seem to go together for in all three, the writer mentions the dwelling place of God.  He calls it God’s “house” in Psalms 26 and 27, and God’s “Most Holy Place” in chapter 28.  We can imagine the writer making his way to the tabernacle in Psalm 26, seeing it as a shelter from his enemies in chapter 27, and finally, hear him make his petition before God in Psalm 28.

In Psalm 26, the worshiper takes us by surprise with his bold profession of perfection.  He has led a “blameless” life in unwavering devotion to the Lord and willingly asks God to examine him to see if it is not true.  But I think the writer is not claiming to have done everything right.  Rather, he is professing his sincerity before the Lord.  God himself will refer to David’s “integrity.”  If he doesn’t always get it all right, it was, none-the-less, his desire to get it all right, but more than that, to gain God’s approval.

You see how this sincerity works out in verse 4.  David knows that his own life, and the future of his kingdom, depends on his choice of companions – friends.  And so, he tries to choose them wisely.

How do you do that?

You watch their “heading.”  Look at their lives.  Look at the direction they are going.  Is it toward God, or away from God?  If away, do not align yourself with them.  They cannot help you in your relationship with the Lord, and that relationship is most important of all.  This brings us back to David’s sincerity, which he underscores in chapter 27.  The one thing he asks of God is that he might live in the presence of the Lord.  When we make that our goal, rather than just our wish, everything about our life is then turned in the right direction and though sinful, we can proclaim with David the “blameless” life.