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Saturday, December 1. Hebrews 10 – 13

    I am convinced that the real point of the book of Hebrews is found in the last two chapters.  Everything written up to that point is solely to get to that point.  The Christians addressed are abandoning Jesus.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t religious.  They are very religious.  The problem is that their religion does not show in their daily living, their ethic.

    Life is hard.  The writer of Hebrews knows that.  But while the readers have suffered much, their suffering is not nearly that of other people of faith whose relationship with God was not near what the Hebrews Christians’was.  They have no reason to abandon the God who has called them into this superior relationship with Him.

    But they are abandoning it.  You can see it in their behavior.

    And so, arriving at the end of the book, having dug down and shown the foundation on which the Christian life exists, the writer of Hebrews calls them to live accordingly.  It is that living, so often referred to in this book, that is carefully described and encouraged as the letter comes to a close.  Whatever you do, don’t miss what he says in these closing chapters.