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Saturday, December 15. 1 John 1 – 4

Who is the “antichrist” of 1 John 2?

Pop religionists see the “antichrist” throughout the Bible, in Old Testament prophets, the letters to the Thessalonians, Revelation and the letters of John.

But really, the “antichrist” is only mentioned four times in scripture – three in 1 John and once in 2 John.
And there is not just one, and he is not “yet to come.”  John says many were present in his own day. That, of course, doesn’t mean more won’t be coming.

John is emphasizing the total incompatibility of living like the world and living for Jesus.  In doing so, he argues strongly for a working faith, one that lives as Jesus lived.

In this context, the antichrist is anyone who says: “you don’t really have to live like Jesus.”  Specifically, they are Christians who say you don’t have to live like Jesus.  Unfortunately, as in our own time, the ancient Church was full of these people.  John says: “This isn’t what you know about Jesus.  It isn’t according to the anointing of God (probably the Holy Spirit); it isn’t according to the leading of the Spirit.  The Christian life isn’t whatever you want it to be.  It is narrowly defined by the life and teachings of Jesus.  Anything opposed to this teaching is anti Christ.