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Saturday, July 13. Isaiah 27 – 30

“Stubbornness” comes to mind again in chapter 29. In fact, God will call His people “obstinate children” in chapter 30. They. Just. Won’t. Listen.

On and on they go doing what they please. God speaks, but they don’t hear. They won’t hear. They offer every excuse imaginable. “The scroll is sealed.” “I can’t read.”

If you believed that God was telling you something important, you’d break the seal. You’d learn to read.

But no. They talk a good game, but their hearts are corrupt and their religion is really a human device rather than a holy life.

The time is coming however when well populated areas will, though bereft of inhabitants be nonetheless fertile soil for future prosperity and then, whether one can read or not, the message of God will come through loud and clear and even the blind will be able to see it. God’s dream is that those left will keep His name holy and stand in awe of the God of Israel.

Please understand that this glorious time isn’t just “going to happen.” It will not be “made” to happen by God. God can dream it all He wants to, but it can only come about when the people of God hear the voice of God and make the word of God the guiding light for their lives.