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Saturday, July 26. Isaiah 1 – 3

Isaiah 3 presents the picture of an upside down world. Things are not as they should be. Youths oppress the people, women rule over them, guides lead them astray. The leaders of the people have ruined the nation.

It is true that life evolves. No one should deny this. It is not true however that life is the result of evolution. Life is the result of intelligent creation. This latter being true, life itself should not be allowed to play out naturally – whichever way time and circumstance leads or requires. God has created an order to things. That order must be respected and consciously followed.

Because, however, life among God’s people has turned contrary to God’s created order, God promises to mix it up even more. He’s really going to turn things topsy turvy and in their desperation, God’s people will turn to anyone they think might be able to lead them out.

Anyone, that is, but God.

Abject failure will be the result and that which was once beautiful and proud will be covered in ruin.

Living before God takes direction (God’s), intentionality, and persistence. As water wears away stone, so time and circumstance, if we are not vigilant, wear us down until we are less than God calls us to be. This is the result of careless inattention as well as deliberate wilfulness, but God is neither pleased nor will he accept this. If we do not move to correct it, He will move to make us wish we had.