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Saturday, June 14. Psalms 63 – 66

As I write this, I live just outside our nation’s capital. More than anywhere else I have ever lived, criticism of our nation’s leaders abounds here. The things that are said about them are often uncomplimentary to say the least, insulting to say the most, and sometimes, threatening. Theirs are uncomfortable shoes. They must explain their decisions while often keeping close held the confidential information which informed their decision. They must take criticism from lesser informed individuals. Everyone, it would seem, feels equally competent to evaluate their decisions and speak against them.

Were I to suggest a psalm for politicians, it would be Psalm 64. In it, David complains about those who threaten, conspire with cunning and plot against him. It’s all talk he understands (at least it is in the psalm), but talk can turn to action. David is powerless to refute every accusation and allegation. Instead, he just takes it to God and prays for justice.

Of course you don’t have to be a politician to need this prayer. But to pray it, you should be one who lives in fear of and hope in the Lord.