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Saturday, June 15. Song of Solomon 4 – 7

Chapter five repeats a dream sequence we’ve seen before, that of searching, finding and loving. The first time it appeared, it ended with the marriage of the couple (chapter 3) and the consumation of their love (chapter4 – 5:1).

Now married, there is trouble in paradise.

Something, though we are not told what, comes between the couple. The husband becomes distant. No one intended it to happen, surely not the bride because she describes her husband in glowing terms (as he does her – see 6:4ff).

What was it?

His business (perhaps indicated by 6:11ff)?

Something about her?

Again, we don’t know. The important thing is that they come together again as they do in chapter 7.

Tiffs come and go. At least they ought to go. It is best to talk them through and try at some resolution before the time comes when no resolution is possible. The same is true of substantial differences and disagreements. The idea is to act so that your beloved will want to be with you, miss you when you are gone, long for you in your absence, and rejoice at your return. Pride often precludes these responses from happening, but if there is too much pride, there will be too little reconciliation. Too little reconciliation can lead nowhere anyone wants to go.