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Saturday, June 7. Psalms 40 – 43

Psalm 41 once again is the expression of one who was suffering from illness. In this case, however, the sickness is not the result of sin. It’s just sickness.

Biblically, some misfortunes are the logical consequences of our own actions. Others are brought on by the actions of others. Still others just come. We live in a troubled world. And some misfortunes are sent on us by God to turn us from sin or to develop us spiritually.

It would appear, in the case of Psalm 41, the writer is suffering from an unknown cause. But the result is to give his enemies the upper hand. They rejoice in his misfortune.

The writer rejoices that God is not like that. God has a special regard for the weak.

It’s a point worth remembering. Some folks always get picked last for the team. Give them a break and pick them first from time to time. Some folks struggle to make right decisions and to achieve what their contemporaries do. Give them a break and a helping hand. Some folks never seem to fit in. Give them a break, work hard to befriend them, bring them into your circle, make them at home. Then, you will be like God, and one whom God blesses.