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Saturday, March 3. Deuteronomy 9 – 12

Israel is on her way to invade the land of Canaan.  She will, by divine command and power, displace the nations of Canaan – nations greater and stronger than Israel.

As she does, God warns her about her perspective.

She should never think God has done this for her because she showed the most promise for accomplishing His will.  She is not the largest of nations, but among the smallest (7:7), and shows the least amount of promise.  God is not doing this because she is righteous, or even more righteous than the nations about her – for the evidence to the contrary is piled high to heaven (9:4-6).  In fact, had it not been for the intercession of God’s man Moses – a man they caused no end of grief – they would have been obliterated by God for their hard-heartedness.

There is the chance that Israel will forget the grace given to her by God, growing fat and prosperous and proud – too proud to acknowledge her unworthiness (8:12 – 14).  There is the chance that she will give the credit for her blessings to the gods of the land she is invading (11:16ff).

How we think about ourselves, how we think about our possessions, and how we think about why we are where we are – these very crucial thoughts – must be focused correctly and honestly faced.  Only then can we see God for who He really is, and see ourselves for what He has made of us.  It all begins with the correct perspective.