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Saturday, October 20. Acts 9 – 11

    In chapter nine, the book of Acts takes an unexpected turn. 

    We have been accustomed to seeing the work of God throughout the story thus far.  The coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2) and the resultant miracles and signs and wonders (2:43; 3:1ff; 5:12; 6:8) which were done so publicly that they could not be contested (2:22; 4:16; 5:12-16), as well as the miraculous release of the apostles from prison (5:17-20) are all a testimony to this fact.

    Along the way, the Church and its leaders have faced persecution from outside the church, and conflicts within.  But now, a new threat arises: Saul.  He is rabid in his persecution.  Later, he will confess that he did his best to destroy the Church.  He murdered Christians, and his authority extended even as far away as Damascus in Syria.

    How will God handle this?

    God does it by confronting Saul and bringing him to faith.

    Nothing.  Absolutely nothing is beyond the power of God.  No person and no power can successfully defeat the movement of the Church.  When God’s people, engaged in God’s work, press ahead with God’s power and full confidence in His blessing, nothing can stop the work they undertake to do.

    They will be opposed to be sure.  Satan will not roll over and play dead.  But victory is ours.  Unfortunately, the history of the Church is far too often characterized by the very thing that didn’t characterize the early Church: fear.  Our all to common lack of faith, in view of the assurance of Acts, must be frustrating to the Lord.