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Saturday, September 28. Zechariah 4 – 7

When God’s people returned to Jerusalem from exile, they were led by Sheshbazzar, likely the son of king Jehoiachin and called Shenazzar in 1 Chronicles 3:17. He does not last long in Jerusalem, but disappears after the foundation of the temple is laid. He is succeeded by his nephew Zerubbabel. Probably, Sheshbazzar was appointed governor by Cyrus and after his passing, Zerubbabel was appointed by Darius.

After nearly two decades, who would be empowered to rebuild the temple?

And would the people follow them?

In chapter three, Joshua receives the anointing by God for the job. Here, in chapter four, Zerubbabel is appointed to accompany him in the position of leadership and together, the temple will be rebuilt.

In chapter three a stone is set in front of Joshua with seven eyes on it. In chapter four, a gold lampstand stands before Zerubbabel with seven lights on it. These represent the eyes of the Lord. He is watching His people, and Zerubbabel and Joshua are His appointed leaders. The people must follow them.

The eyes of the Lord are upon us all. He expects that we will submit to His leadership and those He appoints. His appointees may seem unqualified and insufficient in our eyes, but God seldom chooses whom we would choose so that what is accomplished is seen as possible not because of the superior qualifications of the appointed, but because of the active power of God.