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Sunday, January 15. Job 37 – 40

    If you were God, and Job had spoken to you, about you, as Job has, what would be your response?

    Job has asked for either an explanation, or vindication: “Tell me why, God, or pronounce me innocent.”

    And yet, as God speaks, he does neither.  You can take God’s reply as a defense of his place: “How dare you speak to me in that fashion!  Do you know who I am?”

    But what if we take it differently?  Note that God does not side with Job’s friends.  In the end, he will actually condemn Job’s friends and say: “They have not spoken truthfully about me.”  But all the while, the friends have defended God’s greatness and power and said to Job: “How dare you talk to God in that way!” 

    Here is the “differently” I’m talking about.  God comes into the presence of them all, ignores everyone but Job, sits down and says: “Job, let me tell you a bit about being God.”  God does not answer Job’s questions, but neither does he abandon Job.  He is there for him, shares his life with him, and in this moment, Job receives vindication.  Job’s friends have asserted God has abandoned Job because of his sins.  But God, in his speech with Job, shows He has not.

    God doesn’t need you to defend Him.  He’s rather capable of that Himself.  What God wants is for you to imitate him, bringing the uncomfortable into your life and bringing them comfort with your fellowship.