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Sunday, January 19. Exodus 10 – 12

The story has been heading here for a while – the killing of Egypt’s firstborn. No one was spared: from nobility to servant – even the animals were included.

On even the most human of levels, it is a remarkable story.

Remarkable first of all that God would do it. It is absolutely unthinkable to the modern mind and often critics charge God with evil. But they miss the point really. God is sovereign. All life is in His hands. It continues, or doesn’t, by His will. Many will find such power and actions objectionable. But their objections do not lessen God’s sovereignty. He is not under our control, nor does he care about our judgments. A God of such power deserves to be respected and obeyed by everyone.

And note the power.

First, all of Egypt is going to be in turmoil with this plague. But not a dog will bark in Israel.

Second, God is going to kill the firstborn of Egypt, and then, Israel is going to ask the Egyptians for “going away” presents. And the Egyptians are going to give them – not out of fear, but willingly!

Note also the preference.

God wanted Egypt to know that He had a preference for Israel. They were His chosen people and if it was choice between Israel and Egypt, Israel would come out ahead every time. Not that they deserved it. They were simply the people of God’s favor.

The story of the Exodus shows the lengths God will go to favor His people. It is an awesome status, totally undeserved, that should make Christians thankful for the place God has given them in Christ.