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Sunday, January 29. Exodus 2 – 5

A “golden parachute.”

That’s what it’s called when an executive has a clause in his contract specifying that if he is terminated, he gets a lot of money to go.  It keeps employers from firing key people capriciously, and ensures that if an executive is let go, his fall is gentle.

Not everyone has or gets one of these.  Only the most valued of employees.

And so it is ironic that Israel, slaves in Egypt, are promised one when they leave the land.  The Egyptians will pay them (and pay them well) to go (Exodus 3:21-22), and Israel will leave Egypt for “the promised land,” a land “flowing with milk and honey.”

Now you see the importance of the Joseph story.  God’s people are not immune to difficult times.  But God’s people, because they are God’s people, are destined for His care above all others.  They will not languish forever.  They will not “rise” to the top, they will be brought there.  God certainly loved the whole world enough to give His son for them, but He only saves those who believe in that son, and only those people have God’s promised protection, deliverance, and inheritance.