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Sunday, June 10. Ecclesiastes 3 – 6

There are at least three ways you can take the early poem of chapter three.

First, there is time for everything.

But you and I know that’s not true.  There are, however, those people who believe that it is possible to do everything and their lives are spent flitting from one project to another.  Something always suffers.  Sometimes it is the quality of their achievement – a “jack of all trades, master of none” syndrome.  Sometimes it is their family life.  Sometimes it is their health.

Second, there is “a” time for everything, and perhaps this is closer to what Solomon meant.  You can’t get it all in.  There must be compartmentalization and discipline.  But even this does not capture his real meaning.

The poem really affirms that God is in control of time, and He brings about all things in His time.  The times to be born, die, plant and reap are not determined by man, but by God.  God makes everything beautiful in His time.

And so, as we consider our own time, we should remember that it is not our own, but God’s.  We should seek to use it to please Him.