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Sunday, June 15. Psalms 67 – 70

“Can we have a ‘quick’ prayer before we (go, begin, start, _________)”?

“Would you say a ‘little’ prayer for me?”

Why do we use such diminutives to refer to prayer? Why not just “pray for me” or “let’s pray”? I fear that deep in our hearts, we may not be interested in prayer at all except as a good-luck charm to cover the bases. And I apologize in advance to all those who use such phrases without thinking about them. I don’t mean to be insulting. I do want you to think about what you are saying, and why you are saying it.

Of course, psalm 70 is a brief prayer. Likely prayed in haste. It’s a prayer for when life is suddenly upended and the way ahead is far from clear.

Prayers don’t have to be eternal to be effectual. As he sank on the sea of Galilee, Peter prayed: “Lord, save me!” And Jesus did. The point is: be ready to pray always. Then do it. Make it a habit of life that in trial or blessing, you can whisper the deepest desires and fears of your heart to God.

He is listening.