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Sunday, March 17. Joshua 17 – 20

The allotment of the land is fairly straight-forward, but if you are not familiar with the geography, the account can leave you more than a little nonplused. The following map may be of some help, taken from

Chapter eighteen contains the first mention in the Bible of Shiloh, but it will not be the last. In fact, this will remain the center of Israelite worship for over four hundred years. If you locate Shiloh on a map, you will see why. It is virtually in the center of the land of promise and would be a convenient place for all Israel to come for worship.

There is great symbolism here. God’s presence in the center of the land reminds us that God is to be at the center of our lives, but not just our individual lives, but also our corporate life as the people of God. Additionally, the gathering of God’s people to worship reminds us that assembly reinforces this notion of the centrality of God to His people. That reminder should cause us to see how important it is to gather with the saints to worship.