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Sunday, May 13. Psalms 105 – 108

What’s your song?

Not, what’s your favorite song, but what’s your song?  The song you would compose if you were to be explicit and list every blessing you have received from God?

Why is it good to be you – put to poetry?

This is something of what we have with Psalm 105, though not exactly.  The difference is that the psalmist talks about the advantage, not of being himself, but of being Israel – the people of God.  Unlike the next psalm where he glories in God’s benefits despite Israel’s unfaithfulness – a hymn of thanksgiving for grace – there is no such contrast here.  In Psalm 105, it’s all benefit.  This is the advantage of being the people of God.  They are the “chosen,” the people of the covenant, the ones He protects and favors above all others, the ones he delivers from oppression in a grand way and, provides for.

The writer finds personal blessing in being a part of the chosen people – for that’s where the blessedness of God  resides.

So let’s re-do our original question: What’s your song, the song you sing to glorify God for making you a part of His Church.  Why are you glad to be a part of it?  That will be the modern counterpart to Psalm 105.