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Sunday, September 1. Jeremiah 46 – 49

Chapter forty six begins a series of oracles against foreign nations, much like Isaiah 13-24 and the series begins by addressing Egypt. The specific message about Egypt was received about 605 B.C. when Egypt was decisively defeated at Carchemish by Nebuchadnezzar. Egypt will do battle against the Egyptians again in 601, but will not prevail.

The scattering and exile of God’s people is already underway – if not by force, then by simple circumstance. God’s people are becoming refugees to the nations around them. To these nations, God’s people are placing their trust. But it will all be in vain. One by one, those nations too will fall, beginning with Egypt in the west and moving to the east until the section culminates in the judgment of Babylon.

As the very old song goes, He’s got the whole world in His hands. Wise people will seek refuge only in Him.