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Thursday, December 20. John 10 – 12

Chapter ten is astounding.  You just have to shake your head.

Jesus has healed a man born blind.  He has made a man walk who has been lame for thirty-eight years.  He has healed others whose infirmity was hopeless.  And besides all this, he has been recognized as a good man by the crowds.

So when the Jewish leaders come to Jesus wanting to know if he is really the messiah, you have to wonder who else they thought he could be!

They don’t deny his miracles.  Only God could do them.  But Jesus did them.  Yet, he can’t be God.

Twice in this chapter (though it is not the first time in the book) they try to kill Jesus.  The text simply says “he escaped their grasp.”


And why didn’t they see that no other explanation would do?  Jesus had to be God.  Or at least his son!

What more would Jesus have to do to convince them?

He would do something else, and it is alluded to in this chapter.  He would die on his own accord, under his own steam, and in his own time.  No one could take his life.  He would “lay it down.”  After death, he would bring himself back to life.  We’ve seen numerous miracles in this book, but the big one is yet to come.