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Thursday, July 18. Isaiah 44 – 46

It is the eighth century B.C. Babylon is not yet the world power she will become. Cyrus the Persian is unknown (and unborn). Yet God through Isaiah foretells the destruction of the Babylonian empire by the Persian Cyrus two hundred years before it happens, and the amazing thing is, He calls Cyrus by name.

Babylon’s gods will not be able to help her. Her gods, unable to defend themselves (much less their worshipers), unable to flee, they will be loaded up and carted off like the people. It’s a message for an Israel to come. Don’t buy into the religions of your exile home. They cannot help you.

Continuing the theme of chapter 45, Isaiah 46 reiterates the uniqueness of Israel’s God. He is not just a god, nor is He a god among all other gods. He is the God and there is no one like Him.

We’d do well to remember this. When we are tempted to think of our faith as just one among many, or worse, when we are tempted to act as if it is just one among many, or when we are tempted to treat God as others treat their gods, Isaiah reminds us ours is the only God, and we may serve Him only His way.