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Thursday, May 16. Psalms 112 – 114

Psalm 114 can take you by surprise. We are used to seeing in the Psalms nature moving, getting out of the way, at the appearance of God. But it is not the appearance of God that causes nature to run in this psalm; it is the appearance of Israel, the people of God.

The context, of course, is the Exodus story. The idea is that in that story, something of great import was taking place. The Red Sea and Jordan River parted. Sinai quaked. “Sea, river, mountain, and hill know that they are not just witnessing an ordinary group of migrants but something of earthshaking significance.”

Jesus died to make possible the inclusion of all believers, no matter what their national origin. The sun bowed. The earth shook. We as Christians are the product of momentous acts, and everywhere we go, God watches after us. If the earth does not seem to shake when we journey from place to place, might the problem not be with our perception? Because we do not consider who we are, we do not expect the world, much less nature, to do so either. The result is that we are missing the view from God’s throne and are stuck with a worldly perspective that cannot see forest for trees, cannot feel the earth move because we are insulated by our own worldliness.