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Thursday, October 11. Luke 4 – 6

    One of the things to notice about Luke’s writings is his progression.  Events and teachings will be repeated, but as they are, new items are added.  There is a long teaching section in Luke 6, but the major part of the teaching begins in chapter nine and extends through chapter nineteen.

    The first four chapters of Luke focus on the identity of Jesus.  From chapter four through chapter nine, Luke demonstrates the identity of Jesus with the largest cluster of miracles in the book.  Luke also builds on the mission of Jesus.

    Chapter four begins with the temptation story, which has three instructive points: Our lives should be lived in pursuit of fulfilling neither our desires nor our needs; only God should be worshiped, and God should not be doubted (tested).  Then Jesus, empowered by the Spirit of God, began his ministry.  It is a ministry that is about changing lives for the better by preaching the message of God, which he calls the “good news of the kingdom.”

    I think this is an important point we miss.  We often look at the work of discipleship in two categories: First preaching, second, serving.  And entirely too often the importance of preaching is relegated to a distant second in favor service.  But work of Jesus was all about preaching the kingdom (or rule) of God.  It is yielding to God’s rule that changes people’s lives for the better.  You can feed all the hungry people in the world, but if they don’t know to yield to the will of God, and if they don’t know what that means, their lives will only be better in the sense that they are no longer hungry.  The ministry of Jesus is more important and further reaching than that.