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Thursday, September 27. Zechariah 2 – 4

     Haggai is divided up by dates the author references for the messages given to him. Zechariah also has dates, but his book is arranged more by the different ways he presents his message.  It can be divided into seven parts as follows:

1)    Dated the 8th month of Darius’ second year, the prophet assures the people that God’s words have always come true.  Nothing has changed.  1:1-6.

2)    Eight “visions” emphasize

    a)    God knows what is going on in the world and with His people.  He is determined to bless His own (first vision – 1:7-17).

    b)    God intends to punish those who have made life so miserable for His people (second vision 1:18-21).

    c)    Jerusalem will be rebuilt and it will be glorious (third vision 2:1-10).

    d)    God’s forgiveness and cleansing is promised (fourth vision 3:1-10).

    e)    God Himself will accomplish this (fifth vision 4:1-14)

    f)    Sin is condemned (sixth vision 5:1-4).

    g)    Sin is banished (seventh vision 5:5-11).

    h)    Peace will come to the people of God (eighth vision 6:1-8).

3)    In 7:1-14, the prophet Zechariah is involved in an object lesson that unites the monarchy and priesthood if Judah.

4)     Dated the 4th day of the 9th month of Darius’ fourth year, God emphasizes his determination to bless his people (7:1 – 8:23).

5)    An “Oracle” (9:1 – 11:3) again promising blessing to the people of God.

6)    An object lesson calling all of God’s people, especially their leaders, to turn from sin (11:4-17).

    If you see a lot of the message of the New Testament here, then you can understand why this book is so crucial to understanding the goal of God in sending Jesus.  At the end of chapter 2, and repeated again in chapters 8 and 14, is a reference to bring together all nations.  This is not a global political system, but accomplished in Christ, it is the unity of mankind in a common faith, ethic, and hope.