Tom’s Kids

kids who benefit from education services Amazing Grace International provideskids who benefit from education services Amazing Grace International provides

Why would a charity, primarily devoted to teaching Christianity, become involved in secular education? Christians have been at the forefront of education from the start. The earliest Universities were created by Christians. Free public education was first advocated and provided by Christians. The reason is simple — Christianity is a religion not just of the heart, but also of the mind. It requires the ability to read and think critically.

Education is not always free, though. In poorer countries, it’s not an option for most children. Tom Tune knows this all too well. Father of Amazing Grace Founder Mike Tune, Tom has been doing mission work for over sixty years. Living in Vietnam, he quickly learned that the average wage for the working person was only $2 a day, and tuition costs for school children run about $12 a month. Out of his own pocket, Tom began paying for a small number of promising children to go to school. Others joined him and ultimately, it became so large it required a charitable organization to administer the project. That’s when Amazing Grace took it on.

Your $15 a month donation enables a child to go to school, pays for the school uniform, school books, and even covers some costs for medical care when it becomes necessary.

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