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Tuesday, August 26. Jeremiah 36 – 38

I am more than a little amazed by the temerity of people in power. Not long ago, I attended a seminar hosted by a congressman. Knowledgeable speakers were brought in to help us with the topic. But the congressman himself showed late, and then only to interrupt a speaker to offer his welcome to the gathering. He then left, obviously too busy to spend time either speaking or listening at his own seminar. I wondered whether the topic was beneath him, or whether he was already an expert on that topic (he knew little about it actually), or whether it was just a ploy to curry favor with his constituents. He certainly didn’t curry my favor.

Baruch, Jeremiah’s secretary, wrote down all the messages of the Lord from Jeremiah. He then took them to the temple to read to the people. But the officials couldn’t be bothered to show up to hear the reading. Instead, they asked for a private audience and though they took Jeremiah’s warning to heart and shared them with the king, their elitist attitude should not be ignored. But by the end of the story, you know where they got it. As the king listened to Jeremiah’s words in his own private audience, he took the scroll, a piece at a time, and burned them in his warming fire.

Jeremiah replaced his book, and this one included an additional warning that the house of Jehoiakim the King would be forever rejected by the Lord.

No one is too great to bow before the Lord.