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Tuesday, February 25. Deuteronomy 30 – 32

A number of years ago, a respected Bible scholar wrote a book on the theme of the Old Testament. He entitled the book with the theme it contained: “He [that is, God] Loves Forever.

Throughout Deuteronomy we have been given to understand there is no good reason for God to love Israel. She has nothing to commend her. In fact, there is much about her that is condemning. God has characterized her as stubborn and determined to go her own way rather than His.

And yet, God still loves her. His love will not exempt her from the natural consequences of her behavior, nor will it exempt her from the determined and serious consequences of His judgment. Through the worst moments of His discipline, he will never stop loving them and no matter how egregious Israel’s behavior, if she will repent, God will rescue her from his judgments and draw her to Himself.

Jesus didn’t change God’s nature. God’s nature has never changed. With the coming of Jesus, God exhibits the lengths to which He will go to provide redemption for His wayward people. As you move from chapter 30 into 31, you see that God makes the vow of chapter 30 in spite of the way He knows Israel will live. His love knows no bounds.