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Tuesday, March 12. Joshua 1 – 3

Ordinarily, the Jordan River is about 100 feet wide and only 3-10 feet deep. It’s not hard to cross. But at flood stage, it becomes much wider and deeper and is extremely difficult to cross. Israel is going to need a miracle.

The priests are going to need some faith. They are the ones who, carrying the Ark, will have to step into this raging river, believing that suddenly, the water will disappear at the touch of their feet and the soft river bottom will harden to form a super highway for crossing.
The water is to be “cut off” as far north as Adam, about eighteen miles north of Jericho.

It is a miracle akin to crossing the Red Sea, but of those who experienced the Red Sea crossing (aside from Joshua and Caleb), only the children of that event are experiencing this event.

Since the dawn of biblical scholarship, students have been asking how this feat was accomplished. There are no answers, only naturalistic conjectures that are all wrong. This event cannot be explained by earthquakes or anything else. The whole purpose of it is to show Israel God is with them. Natural explanations would not make this point. God did it. He is the only one who could do it. It is the only way it could be seen as a foundation for faith.

Notice that the leaders (officers) of the people spend time going among the people, telling them what is going to happen and what they should do. I think the notion of many church leaderships is that they can rule by simply setting policy and making decrees (announcements). But leadership involves being among the people, not just “over” them. Leadership works best among leaders who practice that business principle, Management By Walking Around.