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Tuesday, May 27. Psalms 5 – 7

The heading of Psalm 7 reminds us of how much we do not know about the Psalms. First, there is the assertion that this psalm is a “shiggaion,” the only appearance of this designation in the Psalms and we have no idea what it means. Second is the mention of Cush, “a Benjamite” who we also know nothing about. Whoever he was, he brings to David’s mind the notion of unjust suffering at the hands of wicked men who are determined to do David harm.

In this Psalm, David maintains his innocence and to prove it takes what is tantamount to an oath, putting God on the spot. If David is guilty of doing harm either to his friends or his enemies, he calls on God to punish him. On the other hand, if David is innocent, he calls on God to punish those who would do him harm.

Over forty times the Psalmist mentions God as his “refuge.” I wonder how often we treat Him that way? Problems arise, immediately we start thinking about solutions rather than prayer. Sometimes, there are simply no solutions. We must simply ride out the storm. How much better to ride it out in the shelter of our God! In a world filled with the likes of Boko Haram and Kim Jong Un, prayer that God will bring an end to the violence of the wicked ought to be constantly on our lips.