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Tuesday, November 27. Mark 14 – 16

    “She has done what she could.”

    All four gospels tell a story about a woman anointing Jesus’ head with very expensive perfume.  Three of the gospels make much ado over how much the perfume cost.  Luke talks about the character of the woman.

    But only Mark tells us Jesus said: “you can always do something nice for the poor.  On the other hand, you won’t always have me around.”  Then, “she has done what she could.”

    The disciples often do what they can, but it’s always in their best interests, or at least, contrary to the will of God.

    But here is a woman who yields herself to God’s will (something Peter has yet to do) and to Jesus’ death.  In yielding, she does what she can.

    With us, we talk about doing “what we can,” but it doesn’t always involve being inconvenienced or even submitting to the uncomfortable will of God.  We’re just talking about “doing our part,” often while whining that others are not doing theirs thus burdening us.  But this woman gave a year’s wages in a sacrificial act that boldly yielded to the Father’s will.  Matthew, Mark, and Luke never mention her name, but the legacy of Christian preaching is that the gospel is not fully proclaimed until her story is told.  I would contend that the Gospel is not fully lived until her example is followed.