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Wednesday, April 25. Psalms 44 – 46

The heading to Psalm 45 identifies it as a wedding song, written by the sons of Korah.  It is written for the king – though we don’t know which king.  Verses 6-7 are cited in Hebrews 1 to refer to Jesus, but it is best here simply to view it as the heading calls it: a “wedding song.”

What man does not look his best on his wedding day?  What woman is not seen as her most beautiful at the same time?  It is a glorious occasion and while God’s people should not think that a wedding requires expensive clothing, or lots of pomp and circumstance, neither should it be regarded as an occasion of ordinary or negligible import.  This is a God event, for marriage is an institution created by God.

The writer addresses first the groom.  He is to give himself to truth, humility,  righteousness and justice and God will provide success beyond measure.  In fact, a groom given to these qualities is already set by God above his companions and as he comes to the bride, she is presented as a gift from God.

The psalmist then addresses the bride.  Her past is the past.  Now, her desire is to be toward her husband.  He, being a man of sterling qualities, and she, having devoted herself to him (and therefore also to those qualities) will be blessed with a home like that of a king, with children who bring them both honor and praise from the community.

It’s a beautiful hymn addressed on an occasion marked by beauty, hope and happiness to a couple beginning their life journey together and reminding them of life traits that are most important for the blessing of God.