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Wednesday, December 26. Revelation 9 – 11

Martyred souls under the altar of God cry out “how long?”

How long will God’s people have to suffer persecution?

How long will justice be delayed?

How long will God’s vengeance wait?

The answer seems to come with the vision of the seven trumpets.  With each, judgment comes on the earth.

But it is not the judgment, only divine motivations to repentance, With chapter ten however, God’s patience is seen to have a limit.  The martyred souls were told to wait a little while longer.  But in chapter ten, the angel of heaven says: “There will be no more delay.”  The final judgment about to come with the seventh trumpet will be bitter-sweet.  Bitter for the wicked.  Sweet for the faithful.  That’s the message given to John to eat.  Those who believe everyone is going to be saved in the end no matter what will be surprised, shocked and dismayed.  God has never made such a promise.  It’s not how things are going to go.