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Wednesday, May 15. Psalms 109 – 111

Psalm 111 begins with: “Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.” You can tell the Psalmist has “pondered” them a lot, and because he has thought about them, he finds them great, glorious, and majestic and he finds the Lord worthy of eternal praise. Other psalms mention specific things God has done, but you can tell that while this writer does not mention them, he has them in mind.

The greatness of God is seen in His works, His nature, His provision, His preference, His consistency, and His ability to create matters that are eternal. No human can do the latter. Not all of even God’s creation is eternal. His ability to designate what is eternal and what is not, and make it so, speaks volumes about his magnificence.

This acrostic poem, which begins and ends with the mention of praise, provides us an outline to think about the particular ways in which God has blessed our lives, and thinking on them, prompts us to join the writer in praise.